Saturday, 14 June 2014

wallpaper & sewing silliness.

I can now officially wallpaper things! My friend Sophie helped me redo the wallpaper I had installed in the Warehouse Care back in April (which you can see here), only then it was only stuck on temporarily and I messed it up slightly so the pattern didn't quite connect. But now it's properly permanently installed, we even managed a corner and a switch, I'm really happy with the result! We even made a silly video and had a blast. Can't believe she's going back to France, noo! 
Have a peek:

Other than that, I've been sewing little pouches from my hand screen printed fabrics! A bit unfortunate that I shipped off my sewing machine back to Prague last year, great timing. Now I have to annoy my poor friend Fika- she has a domestic one in her room, it's much easier to use than the industrial ones we have at uni! Plus it's a bit intimidating in the midst of all the super experienced fashion students who look at you weird when you don't know how to put the bobbin in. Sawwry gawwd! A few months ago I didn't even know what a bobbin was so I'm quite happy with myself. 
So it's fun times in Fika's room with Friends intead. Not too shabby! I've managed to hurt my finger already AND break her needle but she's still putting up with me!
You can check out her products and designs here, they're really great.

If you have any suggestions for pattern combinations or anything else you'd like to see me make, do share them! Bed time now. Oh! I've also upgraded my logo but I will share that with you next time!


  1. tyyy jo Ani, to je velká paráda! Chci taky :) jsi šikula!

  2. Jee, Terez, dekuju! Dockas se, brzo snad budu mit stranky, kde to pujde zakoupit! :)