Sunday, 18 May 2014

Fashion Show preparations.

..aand we're back. I got out of blogging mode for a little bit there but shall be better from now on. I hope everyone's had a good month! England seems to finally be realizing it's almost summer so that's good. 
I just spent a nice couple of days in London, caught up with some great friends, got locked in Holland Park, fed peacocks, made the mistake of walking into Primark because I needed some cheap tights, which resulted in me wanting to kill everyone there and had a meeting about illustrating my friend Filip's book of short stories. All very exciting stuff. Spring: so far so good. Now I'm listening to Two Door Cinema Club and they've inspired me to write a little post because of their lyric 'it's only late you have time'. Better late than never!

Our MA Fashion Show is happening on July 17th so if you're anywhere near Birmingham you must come! Here's the Facebook event and the poster that my friend Fika designed:

It's all very fun getting it ready, we got some pretty great sponsors too so I will definitely be buying some raffle tickets (that will all go to Cancer Research UK) and hoping to win some exciting prize. Apart from that, I'll be the super red girl on stage after the show probably wearing something colourful. Come say hello!

I dropped off my fabrics (see below) at a local seamstress the other day, what a sweet lady. Because I haven't fully mastered the act of pattern cutting and sewing yet, she will make the clothes for the show for me. So now I just wait, eeek! 

All the garments will be for sale at the show and I will also be making lots of additional little things with my designs on them- wrapping paper, notebooks, purses, jewellery, brooches.. I will also be setting up a proper website where you'll be able to buy things, as most of you won't be able to make the show I presume. 

I've been spending lots of time in the printmaking studio at uni (as seen in this post) - such a lovely atmosphere (much better than the screen printing studio unfortunately- the Snape of our uni works there)- classical music and lovely people, you just forget all about the outside world. Here's their Instagram page- I was lucky enough to make it there, woo! Be sure to follow them, people do create some pretty great things in that studio.

Which brussel sprout linocut design is your favourite?

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