Sunday, 1 December 2013

digital wallpaper with squid and things

I've finally gotten around to doing a post about my first batch of digital wallpaper and I'm really excited to share it! You should have seen me when it was coming out of the printer, I was jumping like a child. Despite the very grumpy technician who I'm hoping doesn't blog or I probably won't be doing any more wallpaper. 

Here are some first examples - SALAMANDERS, SQUID & SLUGS.
My lovely housemate Louise modeled them in front of our house (technically we borrowed our neighbours' door since it's more photogenic).

It makes such a difference to see them on a big format like this and I'm looking forward to where it takes me next. The print on the brown wrapping paper is pretty effective I think so maybe I'll make a line of wrapping paper! Definitely a good time of year to do that..
I have a big deadline coming up on Tuesday so you shall hear from me later!