Monday, 20 January 2014

Shrewsbury getaway

So I've been back in England for a while now. It always takes me a few days to adapt to everything again, just like getting back to blogging. I've just discovered the band Chvrches and I can't wait to see them live in Birmingham in March! So instead of writing this I keep switching to their videos, they're really great, as are their videos.
My friend Kim is visiting me for a week or so, it's been so much fun. We took a trip to Shrewsbury at the weekend, it was so nice to get away from the city and see fields with sheep scattered all over them. It's such a nice town, filled with little hidden courtyards which was my favourite part.

There was even a tiny textile design place hidden away but unfortunately it was closed. Kim and I got so excited about everything, we just kept squealing and deciding which houses we're gonna live in and where our shops are gonna be!

I can call this research right? It definitely was inspiring and I always find that traveling and just getting away from your usual surroundings is a good idea, it gives you new impulses and things to think about. Countryside is bliss. I can't wait for Spring so I can do more getaways, English countryside is definitely worth it. And I want to do getaways with this lady, she's the best.
Before that, back to grey Birmingham, J.R.R. Tolkien's hometown!