Tuesday, 21 January 2014

face puller

We were told today that we can have a fashion show towards the end of Masters which I found really exciting, I hope we can do it! Apparently we get to model our clothes too so I thought I'd practice a little bit, which is a tough one for me since I tend to pull faces quiite a lot. So most of the shots ended up in the trash. Long way to go!

The shirt I stole from my mom, the skirt is from a second hand shop in Prague (for about 20p), shirt is Michael Kors (stolen from my Mom), hat is from Forever 21, tights from Dorothy Perkins, shoes are Dr. Martens (brand new so my heels are sliced, anyone got tips on softening the back bit?) and the bug ring is from Cow, a great vintage store in Birmingham. Oh and the necklace I don't actually remember. I guess I'm turning into someone who talks about every single item of clothing they wear? The whole fashion world must be getting to me.

Tomorrow I'm off to London to see the London Textile Fair and hopefully get inspired and talk to some designers.. Roadtriip!

PS: photo credit - Kim Smith.