Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Renegade Craft Fair

I went to London last weekend and stayed with my very good friend Kim (check out her blog, she's pretty amazing) who's just such a sweetie. It was so cozy with her, we were snuggled up with her kitty Negs, watching silly TV shows and food, of course.

hello autumn leaves and pretty hairstyles! (both done by Kim)
We went to Renegade Craft Fair just off Brick Lane in the Truman Brewery. I'd been there before when Kim had her own stall and really enjoyed it but this year there seemed to be just so many inspiring things! It was really nice to talk to some of the designers and see how they got to where they are and how they make their products. Here are some snapshots of my favourite things!

follow the Christmas trees!
rhian mclaren (www.rhianmaclaren.co.uk)
lucie ellen (www.lucie-ellen.com)
eightbear (www.eightbear.co.uk)
designosaur (www.designosaurYEAH.co.uk)
Floss & Mischief (www.flossandmischief.com)
i am acrylic (www.iamacrylic.co.uk)
blank inside (www.blankinsidedesign.co.uk)
Alice Shields (www.alice-shields.co.uk/index.html)
BENU (www.benushop.etsy.com)
Stuffed Nonsense (www.etsy.com/shop/stuffednonsenseuk)
Vivid Please (www.vividplease.blogspot.co.uk)
Kayleigh O'Mara (www.kayleighomara.com)

Well done to all of you exhibitors, it was so inspiring and motivating. I also got my very own pair of black dinosaur studs from designosaur, after taking a very long time to decide which colour and shape to get! Very happy with my purchase, they go with anything!


  1. Glad you love your Parasaurolophus earrings! Would you mind if we used your photo of them?

    Let us know! ROAR!

    Karli (and Jacques)

    1. They really are the best. Everytime I see your stuff I have to get something!
      Oh by all means do, I'll be flattered :)

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