Friday, 1 November 2013

in a nutshell

Hello all of you out there! So I'll be honest- I'm totally new to blogging and I guess it'll take me a while to figure out how I'm gonna go about it. But as I've been learning, it's usually better to just do things instead of think about them too much so I'll just jump straight into it. 
in St James Park, London
I'm 24 and I'm from Prague, Czech republic but this is my 5th year in England. I did my Fine Art degree in London and have now moved to Birmingham to do a Masters for a year. 
Textile design to be precise. I only realized I wanted to keep studying towards the end of my degree- I kept looking for textile design jobs or internships but they all wanted a qualification in a similar field and Fine Art was just too broad. Then I stumbled upon this course in Birmingham, went to see the campus and talk to the deputy course director and just knew it was just what I wanted.

So here I am! It's a really nice change to be able to draw lots and not having to think about the meaning behind it too much, which makes a nice change from my degree. 
It'll take some time till I figure out how to actually use this medium that's completely new to me, but I'm pretty excited! I guess I am a little old school- don't have a smart phone or anything, which I think will have to change soon since in the design field it's obviously essential to be active with your social media sites. And as much as I hate to see people on the train all staring into their iPhones or Kindles, I guess I'll have to subdue quite soon. 
Not to Kindles though! Nothing beats a real book.

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