Sunday, 3 November 2013

creature intro.

Even as a child I preferred strange creatures and monsters to princesses and dolls (not many things are scarier than dolls if you ask me). My dad would read me Greek Myths and Legends almost every night before going to sleep and I loved the likes of Minotaur, Scylla and Charybdis and Centaurs. And creatures from the deep sea have fascinated me for many years now (thank you David Attenborough!), I really like the fact that humans haven't been able to discover all that lives all the way on the bottom of the ocean, they haven't managed to infest and destroy all of nature. Yet. 
But even the creatures that have been discovered are often so incredible, I sometimes can't believe they're real and not from some sci-fi movie. Those twilight-zone organisms that emit colourful light or never touch a hard surface in their life. But even things living on dry land are sometimes just so weird! Platypus? Anteater? Armadillo?  

So right now I'm working on depicting strange animals that just fascinate me, together with repulsive animals that gross me out. But I feel bad for them because they're so unloved- people always choose cats, bears, owls but I think the not so pretty creatures have just as much right to be displayed on a dress, right? So get ready for some slug and earthworm dresses. When I learn how to do pattern cutting. 

I never worked with Photoshop during my BA and it took me a while to get the courage to actually open it and play around with it. But I started watching some YouTube tutorials and slowly started using the basic tools and learned how to do a repeat pattern! So here are some of my first attempts of my creature drawings on repeat. Exciting!

shrimp (crayon&ink drawing)

bugs (pen drawing)

gulper eel (pen drawing)

armadillo (pencil drawing)

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