Monday, 7 April 2014

uni- behind the scenes.

It's our big deadline tomorrow, which means I've spent most of my time at uni and really cannot wait for a break away from the place. No more grumpy technicians who answer 'guess' to 'how are you' and people stealing your masking tape in the screen printing studio!

Here are a few photos from the last few days, all from uni- surprise surprise. Can't wait to share some from a short trip to Edinburgh this week and then to Prague for Easter. About time!

Almost ready for hand-in!
Patterns I bought for the fashion show.
Printmaking studio- I'm honoured to have my cabbage on the wall!
Printmaking studio fancy letterpress machines.
Screenprinting studio- my own blueberry trousers.
First final piece for the fashion show- blueberry shirt!
Uni on the left- crazy evening light on the right.
Could we have sunshine tomorrow after a week of clouds? Yes please!


  1. I like all of your sprout prints but think the second one pips the others to the post. Great news that you are setting up a web site to sell your work ! Seeing the Simplicity patterns brings all my teenage memories flooding back as I was a keen seamstress back then making most of my own clothes while studying needlework at O Level. I would love to see the show but alas will have to be satisfied with seeing it on here in photo/blog form :( So it's your last couple of months in Brum ! where next ? xox

  2. Thank youu, glad to hear it because that one will be digitally printed woo! I wish you lived closer, you could give me lessons! I'll make sure to get it all documented well not to worry :). I have an internship in London after and then I don't know, I'll keep trying to apply for things and hopefully something works out :) x x