Thursday, 3 April 2014

Stinky Wee wallpaper

Happy April everyone! I hope you've been enjoying the slightly nicer weather wherever you are. Apart from the much anticipated lighter evenings, for me April also means that my exhibition at the lovely Warehouse Cafe in Birmingham has finally opened! It involved some slightly stressful preparation, which meant getting frames and naturally breaking them afterwards but it was so worth it.
It really pushed me to do lots of work and now I have the experience of organizing my own show, which is something nobody can take away from me. I also made little products like cards, envelopes, sketchbooks, aprons and woolen pouches to sell on the side so we'll see how they do. Here's a few snapshots so you can get an idea - apparently asparagus together with mushrooms is a hit, who knew!

I wallpapered one part of a wall with my asparagus design as you can see below and the lovely staff want to commission me to install it permanently and extend it to the corners too (right now it's not aligning properly so the plant's helping a bit. Or is it?). They also asked me to make a matching lampshade, which is amazing news. I just have to learn how to make lampshades so if anyone has any tips, don't be shy to share them! One of the guys who works in the building saw the wallpaper and said: "Can I name it? It should be called stinky wee." So here's your Stinky Wee limited edition wallpaper:

These are my big cabbage linocuts, or as some say brains, extraterrestrial space or a path. Also I've heard that my blueberries look like monkeys in coconuts, don't know what could top that. Below are sunflower seeds, I guess they don't resemble many other things, luckily.

Here is an example of some of the amazing food they serve at the Cafe, this was a bulgur salad with grilled halloumi with halloumi 'fish and chips' in the background. So glad I have excuse to go eat there more often now! So if you're ever in Birmingham, make sure to pay them a visit.

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  1. It looks fabulous ! Congratulations and here's to many many more successful exhibitions ! :) xox