Sunday, 13 April 2014

Edin-brah with Gill

Finally made it to Edinburgh! My friend Gill came to visit me so we took the train up for two days- it was great because neither of us had been before so everything was new for both of us and we sure made the most of it.

Ice-cream & pug
Haggis & Guinness 
bookshops with outdated books
silly self-timer shots
 We were so lucky with the weather, apparently they were the only two sunny days of the week! We even managed to meet my high school friend Michelle who's a native and taught us how to correctly pronounce things and gave us tips where to visit next. So without her we wouldn't have discovered The Elephant House, the cafe where JK Rowling came to read the first Harry Potter book- both Gill and I being big HP nerds very much appreciated that. Mischief managed!

Gill is the best. Now she has to go back home to Australia so it was a wee bit emotional saying good-bye (for now!). So glad we got to do this trip just the two of us, so much love for this girl! Here she is in all her bear beauty.

Everyone around was so friendly, we were slightly disappointed by the lack of the proper Scottish accent in the city though, there seemed to be too many tourists around. We did overhear it a few times and had slight trouble understanding it, which made us rather giggly.
Edinburgh does seem like a great sized city to live in, not too big, it's got so many green bits and even the beach! Also it's got lots of stuff happening all the time, cute little cafes and bakeries everywhere AND it's absolutely gorgeous. So overall, not too shabby.

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