Wednesday, 12 February 2014

vintage fair & canal walk

Even though Birmingham is England's second biggest city, comparing to London not that many exciting things happen here. So when there's a vintage fair, you go to the vintage fair. This one was Lou Lou's at the Town Hall, check out their next ones all around the UK! 
I went with my housemate Louise and we had a great time, the place was definitely buzzing, there was even a 50's style singing group which added to the atmosphere really well. OH and the cupcakes.

I loved all the patterns on jumpers and dresses, but I have to be careful with my finances so I resisted and was quite proud of myself I must say.

It must have been the event of the weekend because I ran into many of my classmates- like Manshi!
I have always loved hats. Don't think I could actually dare to wear one like this in public sadly.. One day.

It wasn't actually raining for once so Louise and I went for a walk along the canal and past some beautiful canal boats. I used to live on one (much smaller and less fancy) in London and it made me remember all the good times on that little boat. Sitting on the roof, watching rowing boats go by, feeding swans, watching the fire but of course also showering in the gym, dropping things in the river, freezing our butts off when the wood ran out, getting our mouths filled with midges and other fun things like that. I regret nothing, it was an amazing year on the Thames.

Canalside Cafe is probably one of the only really cute cafes in Birmingham- such a romantic little spot. Their rhubard & strawberry crumble with ice-cream was really to die for, I might have scared some customers by making a whole load of noises when eating this delicacy. They also have a fire and do all kinds of meals. Can't wait to drink cider by the canal there in the summer, almost like back on the boat..

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