Tuesday, 4 February 2014

internship joy

So I got pretty good feedback for my first Masters term which made me really motivated. I know some people have it the other way around, that they are actually happy when their marks aren't that great which makes them work harder. I'm the other way around. I start doubting myself and whether I should actually be doing any of this. Then I realize there is nothing else I want to do (or can do) so I get back to it anyway but yeah, this time I was happy with it- is the summary of this rambling.

Last week I got an internship at Pattern Textiles, which I was so excited about! My mom told my Grandma, who called me straightaway to tell me: "Congratulations on your scholarship!"
Don't you love how Grandmas just have no idea what you're actually doing, as long as it's kind of looking hopeful and making you happy.. She's the best.
I start in mid-August, which works out perfectly as it's right after I graduate and it will last 2 months. It's a really nice looking east London brand (Bethnal Green- maybe I'll bump into Kate Nash or the guys from Bloc Party? Yeah, I think I lived in London long enough to know that actually doesn't really happen.) doing designing in the studio- they told me to bring some old clothes since there will be a lot of practical work- dying, embroidery, sewing and all sorts of things, which sounds like exactly what I was hoping for.

Here are some examples from their collection:

It'll be so nice to be back in London, especially in the summer, that hasn't happen in a few years. Can't wait for picnics, Colombia Road market, warm summer rain and happy people. London just completely transforms during the summer. Of course I'll actually be working full-time so maybe I won't get any of that but I'm sure it'll be worth it. There's always weekends, right?

St James' Park, London, 2011

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