Wednesday, 12 March 2014

vegetarian exhibition

One day I was walking to uni through Digbeth, the more hip part of Birmingham. I actually really like it for its old brick houses and bridges and just the overall industrial feel, it's very photogenic. I'll take some pictures soon and help you get an idea of what I mean. Allison Street is now my favourite (it's also the name of one of my very dear friends), as I've discovered the amazing Vintage Clothing with some great bargains as well as The Warehouse Cafe

Sophie's veggie burger topped with brie&cranberry - mmmm.

I'm so happy I found this vegetarian restaurant because a few great things have happened since I have. We went there with my housemates and the food.. OH THE FOOD. I had the banana burger (a vegetarian burger topped with fresh banana, chilli peppers and home made peanut butter?! YUM.) and all my friends were preeetty happy too. Not to mention the squealing when we got our vegan brownie with ice-cream. Why we shared I don't know, biggest mistake ever. But we will be back there a lot because...

They will exhibit my work there throughout the whole of April! The staff were so nice and were happy to have a look at it and tadaa, here we go. I'm so excited, it seems like the perfect place to show my nature-related work. 
I showed them my centipede and bug designs but apparently that might cause controversy among the vegetarian customers so fair enough. Haha I loved that remark. It looks like I'm going to wallpaper one corner of the restaurant with asparagus, hopefully I'll get no haters about that.
I'm also going to work on some more designs for this occasion so get ready for some more linocuts, those seemed quite popular. Get ready hands, you will probably get cut at times. 

Any ideas for other weird vegetables I could draw?


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  1. Love the asparagus and the idea of papering a wall with it. The ferns are a favourite of mine, the fresh new growth is the most amazing colour, love your print ! How about doing Beetroot ? you can get beets with pale coloured insides which shows up the concentric ring growth beautifully, and the leaves are a nice contrast to the shape of the beet :) xox